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Wed Dec 31 03:33:24 UTC 2008

Damien wrote:
What *is* deeply depressing is how anti-transhuman the usual ideology is:
extended life (except for the doctor) is Evil, cyborging turns people into
chanting idiots that wish only to kill and maim--what archaic Luddite
bullshit is *that*?

I think the "extended life is evil" meme is simply the classic sour grapes
situation.  And people fear the possible dehumanizing effects of technology
so evil chanting cyborgs are an easy way to play off that fear.  Hey, maybe
you should go into television writing!  But then you probably don't do root
canals on yourself for fun, either.  I've heard some horror stories from
people who were tv writers and saw their work ravaged.

I wrote:
>I hope everyone here owns this slender tome because it really is excellent.

you replied:
>Why, thank you, John!

Hmmm...., I think my compliment came out as sort of an insult.  "It really
is excellent" sounds like I'm stating, "believe it or not, Damien really did
write something worth reading!"  I apologize for that.  I should have
written, "I hope everyone here owns this slender tome because it is
excellent."  And it is.

I'm curious what episodes of Dr. Who emotionally effected you?  I guess I've
gotten hardened since none of the eps I've seen so far have choked me up.
As for The Golden Compass, I tend to think they will pull their punches
regarding the big message of the series and thereby disappoint you in the
end.  But then you have critics saying the Christian overtones in the Narnia
books have been whitewashed to make the films readily digestible for a
global audience.

I wish somehow we could have you as a guest on Coast to Coast with George
Noory to boost your book sales and status among the common folk.  I just
can't get over how they have so far not had you on.  And they have had some
noteworthy science writers visit the program.

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