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Tue Feb 5 23:02:48 UTC 2008

I am not a big football fan, but I watched the Superbowl because I was
born in New York and also because most of the powers that be were
predicting the New England Patriots offense to simply overpower the
supposedly inferior New York Giants.  I tend to root for the underdog
and the Giants were certainly that.  The excitement of the game could
not have been improved upon by a squad of Hollywood screenwriters,
that is for sure!  It will go down in history as one of the greatest
games (nailbiters!) ever in NFL history.

I am not too fond of the smug and adored Tom Brady and I loved seeing
him sacked so many times by the extremely strong Giants defense.  The
golden boy met defeat as so many were ready to annoint him as the
equal or better to Aikman and Montana (that will come in time, I

On an episode of "Punked" something happened, which many have not
heard about or overlooked.  A fake scenario was set up where an
actress started tagging along with Brady and a fellow Patriots player
who were out for a night on the town.  The actress pretended to be a
prostitute and propositioned them just as actors posing as cops
"busted" the two athletes.  Brady was separated from his friend and
told by cops he could either sell out his friend as a customer for the
prostitute and go free, or both he and his friend would go to jail.
Brady to my shock and with hardly a thought sold out his teammate!  I
realize this was just a TV show but what if it had been real?  I
cannot stand how Brady is so adored after having done this, and how
his teammates can still tolerate him.  The man should have "caught
hell" for it from the public and his fellow athletes.  I know athletes
are often lousy role models (like dumping a pregnant girlfriend and
moving on to a supermodel, as Brady did) but I thought at least
"loyalty among teammates" was still a big thing.

"Pride goes before the fall" as the old saying goes, and during the
postgame interviews a Giants player said the Patriot players would
goad the Giants between plays by "inviting them" to the already
planned Patriot victory parties for later that evening.  He said this
is strictly against the traditions/superstitions of the NFL since many
older players will speak of when this taboo was broken and how it
resulted in a "sure to win" team meeting a very unlikely defeat. lol

My father thought the Giants would do well because they had a small
army of first round draft picks for their defensive line.  And he had
seen how they had so effectively used it over the course of the
season.  He foresaw Brady not having the breathing space he needed for
certain key throws.  A keen football fan who has a many decades long
knowledge of the game like my father can sometimes pick out the "Black
Swan Theory" events before they happen!

John Grigg

On 1/19/08, frank McElligott <frankmac at ripco.com> wrote:
> As my yearly post time come about, I wonder what has happened to last year,
> and thank all of you for the dialog which has brighten my morning coffee
> since the last super bowl.
> I have read the "black Swan", and it tells me that the past is the past, and
> the future well who knows. So here I go again asking the same question as
> last year.
> Last year Tom Brady had not lost a playoff game in
> the Pat Super Bowl runs. He is 9 and 0.
> >From a Stat view of the world Tom Brady can not
> lose, if I am a betting man, but me thinks that he
> crosses  from a 9 to 1  as a FIRST digit and we know that is very very
> dangerous. With this in mind,
> I expect the Black Swan to appear in New England this weekend, and I am
> betting that way:)
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