[ExI] la times

frank McElligott frankmac at ripco.com
Thu Feb 7 04:16:54 UTC 2008

First ;thank you John we were  on the same page with the Giants, but you 
said it better than I ever could.

Second; Had an uncle in the Mafia, asked him one day how could he be in a 
business where they  stuff people in trunks of cars, he said that's the 
price of doing business,
told me to look at the number of ironworks  killed from falls from the 
building they were constructing, same as the Mafia, only the mafia had less 

Doing the drug business, has a known risk, death, it is just the price of 
doing business. Thank all those rich white kids who buy it with their 
daddy's money, they  provide the demand, and death in the inner city is the 

It is the same in Moscow by the way.


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