[ExI] LIFESPAN trademark and IEET Longevity Dividend course..attn James Hughes...

Hughes, James J. James.Hughes at trincoll.edu
Wed Feb 6 20:44:32 UTC 2008

Congrats Morris.

> Wondering if the IEET distance ed course is going ahead 

Yes, we are planning to announce the course for April 21 to June 29. 

The cost will be $100US and Aubrey and several other IEET folks will be

The ten weeks will cover:

1. Longevity Dividend Overview
2. Demography of Aging
3. Biology of Aging
4. Bioethics of Longevity
5. Safety and Efficacy of Therapies
6. Economics of Longevity: Retirement Age and Social Security 
7. Medicare and Health Insurance Reform 
8. Disability and Aging 
9. Immigration, Emigration and the Encouraging Baby-Making 
10. Intergenerational Equity

I'll make the announcement shortly.

James Hughes Ph.D. 
Executive Director, Institute for Ethics and Emerging Technologies 
Associate Editor, Journal of Evolution and Technology 
Public Policy Studies, Trinity College 
Williams 229B, Trinity College 
300 Summit St., Hartford CT 06106
(office) 860-297-2376
director at ieet.org 

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