[ExI] [wta-talk] LA Times: Unlimited space for untold sorrow

Samantha Atkins sjatkins at mac.com
Thu Feb 7 05:11:15 UTC 2008

On Feb 5, 2008, at 6:27 PM, PJ Manney wrote:

> On Feb 5, 2008 4:06 PM, Emlyn <emlynoregan at gmail.com> wrote:
>> Really, if we are going to freak out about anything, it should be
>> heart disease & cancer. If you want to publicise anything, forget
>> homicides, put the heart disease and cancer stats on the telly each
>> night. "The heart disease death toll so far this holiday season has
>> climbed to 40,000 across the United States, an improvement on the  
>> same
>> month last year." [4] But then, who'd want to watch that? Horrible.
> My point was not at all about risk assessment.  We know human
> generally stink at it and neurologically, they can't help but stink.
> My point was about coming to grips with the realities of our
> communities: how they succeed, how they fail and gaining the empathy
> to, at a minimum, appreciate the victims' reality, or if possible, do
> something about it.  And you can only do that with accurate
> information.  The point of The Homicide Report is to provide missing
> information -- who are ALL the people murdered daily in LA County --
> and the stories behind their deaths.

How does this help you or any of us exactly?  What does it change for  
the good in your life or in the lives of those you interact with?   I  
am honestly curious as I do not find such information so valuable and  

- samantha

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