[ExI] student debt

spike spike66 at att.net
Mon Feb 11 05:31:19 UTC 2008

> Damien Broderick
> Subject: [ExI] student debt
> At 08:47 PM 2/10/2008 -0800, Spike wrote:
> >Even if they go to a school in which the state pays most of the 
> >tuition, they still need to cover their living expenses.
> Hey, my PhD was paid for by the taxpayers of Australia...
> Damien Broderick

Thanks Damien.  We are not all the equal of you, pal.  {8-]  I recognize
that some talented students will get scholarships, but my comment was meant
the rest of us academic proletariat.  I did manage to make the dean's list.
It was his list of slackers, but still.

Funny aside: Damien you know I like to hang out at Stanford.  Interesting
lectures open to the public, terrific bookstore, lots of cool stuff
happening there.  I confess to a certain discomfort, an underlying anxiety
that I will be spotted by the academic police, who somehow gained access to
my records and know my paltry GPA.  I feel like an illegal alien on that
campus, expecting at any time to be caught by two or three burly gentlemen
in flowing robes and tassels:  You! Out!  Besmirch not this place of higher



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