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Sun Feb 10 18:50:03 UTC 2008

Amara Graps ha scritto:
> (Spike)
>>>  Lee, I stand in awe of how hard the Mexicans work.
> (Lee)
>> Now this is important because it applies to an important example
>> adduced by Clark. There *has* to be both a genetic and cultural
>> component to the alacrity with which the people (forced by the
>> enclosure acts) took to factory work in England.
> You make it sound like past tense, Lee. I worked my day job as an
> Italian government employee (research scientist), and went to my
> evening/night job teaching astronomy at a private university in Rome,
> easily working 70 hours per week for a couple of years. I paid more
> Italian taxes than my Italian colleagues (after taxes, my research salary
> was 10 euros/hour, my teaching salary was 4 euros/hour) and I was an
> illegal immigrant (4+ years). The Italian government currently is
> holding 14,000 euros of my pension money (taken by force from my
> salary every month for five years) that I might never see again.

If someone have doubts about the causes of italian economic decline, 
this could explain alot.


[Intangible capital is] the preponderant form of wealth.
When we look at the shares of intangible capital across income classes, 
you see it goes from about 60 percent in low-income countries to 80 
percent in high-income countries.
That accords very much with the notion that what really makes countries 
wealthy is not the bits and pieces, it's the brainpower, and the 
institutions that harness that brainpower.
It's the skills more than the rocks and minerals.
—Kirk Hamilton

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