[ExI] the formerly rich and their larvae...

Bryan Bishop kanzure at gmail.com
Tue Feb 12 04:12:35 UTC 2008

On Monday 11 February 2008, James Clement wrote:
> It could either be started by a State (like Arizona, home to Univ. of
> Phoenix, the great "distance" learning institution), or one of the
> regional accrediting organizations.  Once they allowed tests to be
> used for a few basic degrees, course by course, (you wouldn't have to
> have the full gambit of offerings in the beginning), then places like
> U. of Phoenix, The Learning Annex, etc. would jump at producing
> lectures to meet the market.  These are just examples - other avenues
> are plausible also.

It is my understanding that the distance learning institutions are 
frowned upon as commercial institutions and not beacons of academic 
success. So that might be a bad group to be associated with? But on the 
other hand, they likely have good standings with political 
representatives in their states, so this seems to be a trade-off.

- Bryan
Bryan Bishop

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