[ExI] formerly the rich and famous

frank McElligott frankmac at ripco.com
Tue Feb 12 18:05:33 UTC 2008

1. george bush was a legacy  at Yale, father side, once in
an ivy league school  the gradu rate is 90%, as compare to 44% nation wide, 
it pays to have educated parents:)

2.  The art stolen two days ago was valued at 150 million,
     do you think they were smart to get away with it, or do you think they 
learned all  planning and excution required for a robbery like this while in 
college getting your advanced degrees, I thin not.

3.  My friend the 7 billion dollar man in France, was the son of a 
hairdresser and a school teacher, maybe with a masters degree he could be 
walking the streets now

4. Education is overated parents are not 

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