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Tue Feb 12 19:20:18 UTC 2008

Frank said....

> 1. george bush was a legacy at Yale, father side, once in 
> an ivy league school the gradu rate is 90%, as compare to 44% nation wide, 
> it pays to have educated parents:) 

The reason the drop out rate is so high nationwide is three-fold.

1. People run out of money, grants, and loans and can not complete their degrees.

2. People apply for schools just to get the grants and loans and then show up just long
enough to collect the check and blow it on drugs, booze and whatever.

3. Colleges are so greedy for this grant and loan money of which they are sure to get
paid before the student gets his hands on it that they admit students without even the
rudimentary reading and writing skills necessary to legitimately graduate highschool. 
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