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Shannon shannonvyff at yahoo.com
Wed Feb 13 19:16:52 UTC 2008

Hi all,

Just in case any of you haven't checked out the
Methuselah Foundation lately I wanted to put out the
link to their forum (perhaps Peter Thiel reads it ;-)
) :


I've been excited to see Aubrey in the press more as
of late, and even on the Colbert Report.

I'd love to see more people support our current
science of ending aging, I think this will happen
after more 'famous or rich' people do--but before the
super wealthy put large amounts of money into ending
aging-- the stigma of selfishness must be removed. 
Since the super rich would be the first to benefit
from anti-aging treatments--they'd have to be people
who give back a lot to help end inequality in some
way, for the majority of people to be supportive. 

Life Extension may come from A.I., or brain
uploading--but many have the idea that is 'not human'
and they want to keep their own bodies re-rejuvenated.
 I think that is why it is important to support the
Mprize, as well as support the A.I. field.


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