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Eugen Leitl eugen at leitl.org
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On Wed, Feb 13, 2008 at 11:16:52AM -0800, Shannon wrote:

> Just in case any of you haven't checked out the
> Methuselah Foundation lately I wanted to put out the
> link to their forum (perhaps Peter Thiel reads it ;-)
> ) :
> http://www.methuselahfoundation.org/forums/index.php?referrerid=299
> I've been excited to see Aubrey in the press more as
> of late, and even on the Colbert Report.

Cool shit. I've been a speaker on the same panel as
Audrey once. 
> I'd love to see more people support our current
> science of ending aging, I think this will happen
> after more 'famous or rich' people do--but before the
> super wealthy put large amounts of money into ending
> aging-- the stigma of selfishness must be removed. 
> Since the super rich would be the first to benefit
> from anti-aging treatments--they'd have to be people
> who give back a lot to help end inequality in some
> way, for the majority of people to be supportive. 

Thiel was the largest donor so far. I hope the others
will follow suit. Also, frozen heads (Saul Kent and
a couple others (Laughlin) figure prominently there).
> Life Extension may come from A.I., or brain
> uploading--but many have the idea that is 'not human'

Czech this shit out: 

> and they want to keep their own bodies re-rejuvenated.
>  I think that is why it is important to support the
> Mprize, as well as support the A.I. field.

You don't really want to fund SkyNet.
> Shannon  
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Weird. I'd've never pegged you for a trashumus.
Will wonders never cease.

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