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Alex said: >>

You could put together a list of undeniable logic traps, print off as a leaflet and hand to said H.Sapien-Idiotis. 

Jesus died for all our sins, so all our sins are pre-forgiven. Sin away!
If God is all seeing and all powerful, why does he need you to fight for him?
God created the devil, the devil is evil. ergo God..... etc.

Does anyone have a list already? or links to one.

At the very least it would provide some amusement. Perhaps we could stand on busy street corners asking people if they are interested in a copy of Bullshitnetics?

it's all religiculous ! >>
I will start by saying that although I am not a Christian, I respect the belief systems of people with other memesets.  

That being said,  by criticizing and mocking a large percentage of the populations core meme set do you win converts or scorn and animosity.  This may be an attempt at humor,
but anybody adhering to the popular JudeoChristian memeset would be immediately offended and insulted by such humor and ridicule.

By planting these vile seeds of intolerance and ridicule here you reduce our numbers and were I an AGI, I would infer that based on our intolerance we are not worthy of survival!

Only those who practice compassion and tolerance of others beliefs deserve to survive the Singularity.   And remember our words recorded here may be the AGI's first
exposures to Extropians and Transhumanists and kin.    I would hate it if we were to be judged not worthy of survival by that AGI based on the  sophomoric contempt and 
scorn that a few fanatical atheists determined to profess their supposed superiority to the world using this mailing list as a vehicle.

I thought we had a moderator here? 
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