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> Most children and adults for that matter do not have strong enough egos and 
> self confidence to stand up to extended amounts of ridicule.   
> Each attack erodes their self esteem and self image and results in 
> resentment and hatred and lack of respect towards the antagonists.

The opposite can also be true and can be more easily achieved with a bit of 
coaching or support.

> Hence in marriage, ridicule turns love into hatred and divorce.   At some 
> point primal defense mechanisms may ensue and violence erupts.  Thankfully 
> divorce usually ensues before this happens.

Violence is not an acceptable response to ridicule. Divorce may well be.

> Anytime you win an argument and have made an enemy in the process,  can 
> this be considered winning?   

It may depend why you were arguing and if you were correct. Also is the 
outcome of the argument positive? why would you consider someone an enemy just 
because they showed you were wrong?

> Of course I am sure that many of you who use ridicule to win arguments or 
> promote yourselves on a daily basis are oblivious  to your enemies because you 
> consider them weak and of little consequence.    
> The sheep you prey upon realize this and in most cases their egos and 
> self-confidence will remain intact enough to resist lashing out at their 
> aggressors.
> But at some point a certain number of the sheep will go postal and send a 
> message to to wolves still out there who still lack the empathy to realize that 
> mental pain is every bit as real as physical pain.

Very worrying. I can only imagine that your personal experiences have 
somewhat tainted your views. What has drawn you to conclude that this is a you and us 
argument? or that you know 'Us' well enough to cast such generalities?

> The question that is whether the AGI will consider mental pain as real and 
> as serious as physical pain and equate ridicule with violence and judge you 
> accordingly.

As long as you don't have a hand in its original program, I think I am safe 

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