[ExI] Basis of Belief

Gary Miller aiguy at comcast.net
Thu Feb 28 02:58:46 UTC 2008

Rafal said:

>> To further elaborate - If we agree that a god is somebody who can do
really cool stuff (e.g. easily create extremely large mathematical
structures, like QM-quality simulations of galaxies) and given that the
multiverse is infinitely large in terms of patterns of existence contained
in it, there must be an infinity of distinct entities fitting this loose
definition, even if they may affect only an infinitesimally small measure of
everything. So, it's not just one god, there is a whole lot more. Halleluja,
anybody? >>

If they've managed to master Quantum communications or create wormholes
through spacetime for communication who is to say they haven't all networked
together when they reached a certain tech level and now share a single

In a Enlightenment level mystical experience people lose a sense of their
individual ego and time for a period and experience what many describe as a
merger with god.  Enlightenment, Rapture, revelation, satori, nirvana,
mystical experiences that cross cultural boundaries.  Some drug induced,
some meditation induced, some torture induced.  What many people don't
realize is that if religion did not exist then the next person to have one
of these experiences would go out and invent it!  There is some reason that
people will abandon their everyday lives to pursue a lifetime spiritual
sacrifice and mystical experience.  

That being said it quite possible that these experiences are all chemistry
induced within the brain but it is also possible that we are somehow tapping
into a signal source which lies outside of the electromagnetic spectrum.
Perhaps quantum perhaps something else.  

Gnostic teachings encourage us to reject what is written in books and only
believe what knowledge we receive through direct communication with a deity
whether real or imagined.  The Gnostic teachings so threatened the power
base of the Catholic church that they went to any lengths to suppress their
teachings and brand them as heretics.

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