[ExI] Basis of belief

Anna Taylor femmechakra at yahoo.ca
Thu Feb 28 06:10:57 UTC 2008

"Ridicule only tells another what not to believe but
not why."

ABlainey at aol.com ABlainey at aol.com wrote:

>Would an AGI destroy us based upon our intolerance
>of murderers and genocide maniacs?

Highly unlikely as murderers and genocide maniacs have
been around for quite some time:)

>or any other negative meme, belief or action? 

A meme is a belief and/or action (amoungst others).
What makes it negative is the belief holder.

>I am not comparing religion to any of these, but
>just about every 'no no' set out by mankind, law,
>morality and religion have been committed in the
>name of God. 

It's easy to blame it on God...who else are they
supposed to blame it on.  Watch a 5 year old die of
disease and get back to me as to why people need some
assurance that there was a reason.  Otherwise all you
have is death and disease and i'm not too interested
in those causes unless it's possible to fix them.

>Should we be tolerant of this just in case an AGI
>judges us badly? 

Like Science, if you haven't done any research and
flap your mouth about how much you know without really
knowing much, chances are that others will figure out
you are talking out of your arse.  I would hope that a
built AGI system will judge accordingly without bias
but then again, the AI will figure it out.

>It is the 'because it's Gods will and we can never
>understand' brigade that are the problem. Those who
>will not enter into logical discussion because they
>have no answers or are unwilling to even contemplate
>discourse. These are the people who would be handed
>a leaflet. 

100% agree.  I get the debate between the Atheists
point of view as opposed to a Religious point of view,
I've taken the time to learn about it.  I just see so
much ignorance that I get bored of the same reprisals.
 It seems to me impossible to have a logical
discussion on something that can't be explained yet
ask me and i'll tell you i'm religious about certain
factors.  I also agree I don't get the "God Theory"
based on the Bible but I am a strong believer of hope
and inspiration.  

Does that help clarify?
Yes thanks, it gave me someting to think about.


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