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> Alex I believe that what you are describing is the big B, by virtue that I 
> don't believe you have undeniable proof of either an Alien geneticist or that 
> we are in a simulation.   So therefore if you believe it you are then basing 
> the belief on faith because neither belief has to this day been proven.  
> There is no doubt that to you given your knowledge and reading that these two 
> beliefs are more probable that what other religions that you know believe in 
> but since you believe it and that belief is based on faith not proof I believe 
> it qualifies as a big B religion.  
> If you were not certain of the existence of the Alien Geneticist or 
> Simulation programmer and did not feel that there was a way to prove or disprove 
> their existence then that would make you an Agnostic I believe. 

I would have to agree that in the case of Alien input somewhere in our 
evolutionary past, this would be big B if truly believed based upon current 
evidence. Although there are many hints that this may have happened and it is entirely 
within the realms of possibility. The evidence is far short of proving it.
So based upon the logic, I would regrade it as b- or a wishful belief which 
is unproven, but would be very entertaining if proven to be true. Really not a 
belief at all, just a believable and amusing possibility

Regarding a God in the context of simulation theory, this is also unproven. 
However I see this more of a belief of probability as per Rafal's post. So I 
would say small b.

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