[ExI] The Total State

spike spike66 at att.net
Sun Jun 1 21:37:55 UTC 2008

> Fred C. Moulton
> Subject: Re: [ExI] The Total State
>...Since incarceration rates are shifted by 
> many factors including competency of defense council, honesty 
> of prosecutors, access to non-incarceration alternatives, etc...Fred

I thought of a factor I hadn't seen mentioned: advanced crime fighting

I have a friend who works for the telephone company recovering stolen cel
phones.  He made a comment that has rattled around in my brain for years.
As a group, the recovery team gets smarter and smarter, but as a group the
criminals don't.  The phone guys have techniques that allow the recovery
team to figure out where the criminal has called, which often leads to
discovery of other crimes the sleazebag has perped since the phone was
stolen, such as identity theft.  (The cops love this cel phone recovery
team.)  Often entire crime rings can be exposed in this way.  Many criminal
careers are ended early and safely.  Well, not safely for the criminals, but
for society.

As technology advances, I can see further advances in crime prevention, as
well as technologies that will take the guesswork out of court trials.  This
is important for America especially, for I have long suspected that many
countries buy their criminals one-way tickets to these shores, this
expediency being much cheaper than prisons.  We already know Cuba did this
in the 1980s.



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