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Gina Miller nanogirl at halcyon.com
Mon Jun 2 05:02:46 UTC 2008

Hello everyone, I have a query. So I'm going to be developing that http://nanohealththinktank.com/ website, which isn't up and running yet but I need some help trying to find the right forum software. What I am really looking for ~ is for it to be an easy to use visual WYSIWYG (remember that term), because I really don't want anything complicated or full of scripting this or that (really). I also don't need it to be one of those hosted  forums or the dependency of it because I have my own domain and will be uploading via Dreamweaver. And while I am willing to pay for it, not anything unreasonable. 
As far as features go, I would like the usual modern message board where people can create their own profile and post comments, under various topics (I would like moderation controls). But I would also like there to be a chat room, but again not hosted, once I buy this stuff I want it to be mine forever. And a calendar or other interesting interactive features would be a nice bonus. Does anyone have any ideas for me? Thank you for any help you can provide : )

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