[ExI] Elvis Sightings

Damien Broderick thespike at satx.rr.com
Sat Jun 7 19:01:01 UTC 2008

At 01:18 PM 6/7/2008 -0400, JKC wrote:

>"Damien Broderick":
> > I still have no dog in this race.
>But why? You think cold fusion is real

No I don't. Apart from anything else, I'm not qualified to make that judgment.

I do think there might well be something interesting happening in 
some experiments. This is what I posted at the end of Jan last year:

"...the record also clearly shows that in the last
nearly two decades, solid credentialed scientists have indeed
replicated the early results (intermittently, and after long learning
curves). It's not difficult to find their names.

"I, too, had assumed for years that this was all nonsense and
credulous crap, until I read Beaudette's book and started tracking
the history. I'm now quite sure that it's not MEGA-BULLSHIT, although
it still might turn out to be mistaken."

Damien Broderick

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