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> On Jun 2, 2008, at 5:25 PM, Stathis Papaioannou wrote:
> In the possibility space of all AI's, there will be some that will
> manage our affairs better than we could. But the two problems are how
> to recognise which ones these will be, and how to prevent people from
> building other AI's that they believe will further their selfish
> interests. In the case of nuclear weapons only a few have access to
> them, and it is obvious even to a stupid person how dangerous they can
> be. Neither of these things is certain about AI research.
> I am rather depressed to admit that I find worries about AGI much less
> compelling of late.  The reason is that it seems more certain to me by the
> day that humans are far too relatively stupid and bound hopelessly by their
> evolutionary programming to pose much of a threat of any sort of real
> transcendence or building that which will transcend or is even the seed of
> such.  We take too long to mature only to decay too rapidly.  We spend most
> of our energies, even many of the best and brightest of us in exceedingly
> mundane activities and concerns.  Even the best of us seem quite poor at
> consistent high quality thinking much less action on any significant scale
> of cooperating individuals.  Our organizations, no matter how high-minded in
> stated intent, are mired in common monkey feces slinging to such an extent
> that very little of real value gets done or can get done.   I am hoping it
> is a passing melancholy.  But of late this is very sadly how this all too
> human world of ours looks to me.   Perhaps it is only or mostly what I see
> in the mirror and perhaps harshly.  Perhaps many live on a different level.
>  But I am not seeing the evidence this is so and I would very much like to.
> - samantha
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I could not agree more on your evolutionary thoughts but unlike you I see
hope. I suggest you go and check Evolution's Arrow by John Stewart (
http://users.tpg.com.au/users/jes999/) - very uplifting and inspiring



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