[ExI] Cruisin' New Horizons

Amara Graps amara at amara.com
Thu Jun 5 22:43:58 UTC 2008

In two days, New Horizons passes the orbit of Saturn (~10 AU). As you
might recall, it was only the end of February 2007 (that's right, _last_
year), that it passed Jupiter (~5 AU). It's zippin' at 65,803 km/h. Only
the two tiny Helios spacecraft (mid-70s 250,000 km/h) breaks the record
as the fastest manmade objects ever flown.

See the data for New Horizon's trajectory here:

Just 2594 days and 17 minutes to Pluto! ;-)



Amara Graps, PhD      www.amara.com
Research Scientist, Southwest Research Institute (SwRI), Boulder, Colorado

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