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> > Whenever one looks at the alternative means of hauling apes, one always
> > comes away with a new respect for good old gasoline.
> Indeed.
> So what do we need for carbon neutral synthetic gasoline?
> At a recent conference a guy had worked out the numbers to suck carbon
> dioxide out of the air and combine it with hydrogen in a reverse
> combustion industrial operation.

That's an interesting idea, but how exactly is this done?

But I agree with the premise: gasoline is far more energy dense than
electric batteries will ever be.  This really hit home when I was reading
about the proposed specs of the upcoming Chevrolet Volt.  It's 16 kWh
battery, when fully charged, gives it a 40 mile range.  But it has a
gasoline "range extender" that does nothing but recharge the battery,
attaining a range of 640 miles.

It's an excellent step, I think, which is what is going to be needed in an
energy-scarce world, so that people can choose which way they want to fuel
their cars based on existing prices.  Right now, electricity is cheaper than
gasoline per mile, but with a large number of electric vehicles on the road
the price of electricity might go up.  Ah well, no such thing as a free

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