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John K Clark jonkc at bellsouth.net
Fri Jun 6 15:26:58 UTC 2008

"scerir" <scerir at libero.it>

> Cold fusion seems to be a real "effect".

Oh the effect is real alright, the question is can the effect best be
explained by physics or by psychology and the study of human
gullibility and wishful thinking.

You included 2 links, the first one
Is interesting but I've already read it and has absolutely nothing
to due with cold fusion so I don't know why you mentioned it. 
It's about hot stuff, very hot indeed; a beam of extremely 
energetic neon ions crashed into beryllium. Hot hot hot.

The second link

is indeed about cold fusion. It says "reporters from six major
newspapers and two TV studios" were interested but 
unsurprisingly no reputable science journal was. It's never a 
good sign when TV reporters are interested in something but
scientists are not.

So, esteemed professor Homer J Bumblefuck joins the long 
list of similar nonentities that have reported cold fusion 
over the last nineteen years, every single one of which has
fallen into a well deserved black hole of oblivion.

Think I'm wrong this time? Fine, I will repeat the bet I've 
made so many times before: If a pro cold fusion article 
(not counting Muon-catalyzed cold fusion) appears in 
Science or Nature or Physical Review Letters before
June 6 2009 I will send you $1000, is it doesn't you will 
sent me $100. Come on, it's generous odds and easy money!

 John K Clark

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