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In Saskatchewan  economic calculations are done behind closed doors and
medical criteria for drug coverage are created.  I propose , for
pharmaceuticals a system-wide  proposal to buy drugs on an "efficacy-based
pricing" model.  By that I mean the value of the disease to be treated or
cured  would differ from patient to patient based on medical criteria.
the number of people in each criteria /group by a "progressive bid"  price
for the drug based on the value of the same drug for use in treating each
different criteria  would create an average  composite per dose value for
the public payor to cover.  Currently if for example , a high cost
anti-cancer drug is available, a medicare committee decides how many doses
at the market price the province will buy and sets out to analyse the
statistics to see what criteria would allow just the right number of
prescriptions to use up that estimated budget for that particular drug.  That
is not fair, or ethical but is a worldwide accepted practice.  A model where
all possible customers are served is more desirable.  If the cost is
negotiated between drug company and medicare using the "efficacy based
pricing" matix all medically necessary prescriptions can be covered.  The
drug company benefits as well as the maximum number of sales for high cost
drugs X "efficacy value"  will maximize its ability to extract gross revenue
overall.  All non-Sask Health Card customers pay the Manufacturer's
Suggested Retail Price  independent of this so the market is not distorted
or skewed.

I have not even touched on methods to enhance future health in order to
reduce future costs and increase current service availability to ensure
Medicare  sustainability.  This will be covered in the next piece on

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