[ExI] Technology- When it works (A story)

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> A story.
> --------------------------------------------------------------------

Wow. Amazing. Some say only women have the strength to persevere in the most 
grave situations. I'm ever more convinced by the day... And I do envy the 
newcomer for having such a loving mother :). It seems you have what most 
people refer to as 'luck' in ample supply :) Still I wish you two luck and 
all the best!

However, I have one little comment on this...

> Today,
> humans have the fragments of a network of a global consciousness

Internet. Collective consciousness is sort of an obsession to me (has been 
for some time). If the matter has been discussed, please let me know. 
Anyway, the internet seems to me a pseudo-collective of human (and 
artificial) minds, today an indefinite set of information but expanding very 
rapidly (and indefinitely). The internet is pretty non-deterministic, it has 
no definite size, no definite shape etc. Somewhat like our so-called mind 
(talking about individual mind here). So, the internet, as it is, ever more 
closely integrated with us, through our phones, PDAs, laptops and, at some 
point in the future hopefully, through our implants, might well lead to the 
formation of a super-consciousness including all that is human. Consider 
Asimov: Foundation and Earth (Gaia, Galaxia, where individuality never 
ceased to exist but on a grand scale hatred, violence, etc were eliminated, 
not mentioning the surplus to cognitive power and data storage).


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