[ExI] Technology- When it works (A story)

Lee Corbin lcorbin at rawbw.com
Tue Jun 10 14:55:25 UTC 2008

MB writes

> Sorta disgusting how easily one can get pregnant when young
> and unmarried and unable to support even oneself... only to be
> sharply constrained in the later efforts when
> one is in a position to have a family.

Not so surprising, actually.  Funny thing is, there have been
*traditions* and instincts going back many thousands of
years concerning when to start families and have children.

But of course, all the twentieth century people were far too
rational, far too intelligent, and far too creative to listen to
old fuddy-duddy traditions and "animal" instincts. Instead,
they opted to have their cake and eat it too: plenty of sex
with no cost, thanks to the pill.

Hayek spells it out plainly:  while we must investigate
changing our traditions when they no longer seem to be
appropriate, we should do so very cautiously and above all,
we should try to change only one thing at a time.  But the
"revolutionary" meme set born in the French Revolution just
doesn't see it that way, and so the price is paid.

Give parents, teachers, churches, and traditions as much 
extra leeway you possibly can. Their traditions did *not* arise
just by chance, and are *not* just old-fashioned fuddy-duddy
nonsense. They are the product of survival evolution, both
cultural and genetic.

When in doubt, conform. I've made a lot of mistakes in 
my life due to plain stubborness, and to how "illogical"
I found so many customs and traditions to be when I
was younger.  Of course we must be individuals, and
of course we must question authority. But people should
learn to do so only very cautiously and tentatively.


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