[ExI] MAX MORE in Second Life yesterday

Bryan Bishop kanzure at gmail.com
Fri Jun 13 22:17:48 UTC 2008

On Friday 13 June 2008, Michael Anissimov wrote:
> Bryan, the definition of the Singularity that I use doesn't have a
> single thing to do with exponential growth.  It has to do with the
> creation of superintelligence. 

> The technological singularity is a hypothesised point in the future
> variously characterized by the technological creation of
> self-improving intelligence, unprecedentedly rapid technological
> progress, or some combination of the two.

You still haven't proven to me ever since a few months ago when we had 
our chat how superintelligence alone could bruteforce itself out of a 
machine chasis without the interfaces and grounding that would frankly 
have to exponentially grow in order to keep up with those numbers.

* Actually, it's okay if it doesn't get "out", I just mean that the 
Apple II becomes an emachines 900 (only if you consider that an 
improvement; I suspect our local Mac enthusiasts would consider it the 
complete opposite).

But go ahead and have your own definition. It might be easier if you 
specialized your terminology and just said superintelligence initiated 
growth (SIG) to focus on that one aspect of a/the singularity. I can't 
stop you. :)

- Bryan

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