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I have tried Eve online, found it pretty damn challenging. Alone I
wouldn't try it (none of my friends wants to play it) but in a team,
it would be amazing and I could easily waste 20-30 hours per week on
it. I don't expect to return to eve, my schedule is pretty filling up
the next months, but if I would I would invite everyone to have a
serious look when they implement "ambulation" - this feature is
DESIGNED for groups to have meetings, discuss strategies and roleplay.


On 6/14/08, Sondre Bjellås <sondre-list at bjellas.com> wrote:
> I used to be a beta-tester for EVE, but I can't find the time to play enough
> to make it worth the time ...
> Now, I only play Age of Conan on the PC and my wife plays World of Warcraft
> :-)  When AoC comes to Xbox 360, then we'll get married within Age of Conan
> as we did in World of Warcraft on our 1-year anniversary.
> - Sondre
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>> On Sat, Jun 14, 2008 at 9:52 AM, Giu1i0 Pri5c0 <pgptag at gmail.com> wrote:
>>> The foundation of the Order of Cosmic Engineers was announced at The
>>> Future of Religions/Religions of the Future conference in Second Life
>>> on June 5, 2008. There will be a launch event in World of Warcraft
>>> TODAY June 14, 2008, at noon EST, hosted by Bainbridge's WoW Science
>>> Guild. The Prospectus of the Order of Cosmic Engineers,
>>> collaboratively authored by the Order's founding members, and other
>>> parts of the website, will be online tomorrow June 15, 2008.
>>> See Bainbridge's convergentsystems wiki for information on the Order's
>>> launch at the Silvermoon Meeting, Saturday, June 14 noon server time.
>>> Please see the Earthen Ring US page for information on how to set up
>>> your WoW character to attend the event. In summary: you must choose
>>> the the North American server, Earthen Ring US, and your character
>>> must belong to the Horde. Europeans see here.
>>> See http://cosmeng.org/
>>> We hope to see transhumanist WoWers today!
>> I'd like to recommend that if people are gonna play MMORPGs, they try
>> out EVE Online instead of playing something like WoW.
>> EVE Online certainly has by far the most demanding learning curve
>> among MMORPGs (I have never seen this disputed), and in a wholly
>> positive way; it's not fucked up design or anything like that that
>> makes it more challenging, just the depth and complexity of it all. No
>> other current MMORPG has an equally complex virtual economy (could
>> other MMORPG worlds non-hilariously employ a PhD economist putting out
>> quarterly reports?), or an equally rich political landscape of
>> competing player alliances, as the possibilities for PVP and the
>> infrastructural elements for empire building in EVE are from a
>> different plane of complexity than in typical MMORPGs.
>> If you do not currently play MMORPGs, I do *not* recommend EVE, as
>> computer games tend to be silly time sinks. But every intelligent
>> person who does waste time with MMORPGs, should certainly look into
>> it.
>> Also, to you people building this Order you speak of; you might find
>> ideological allies in this EVE Online "guild" (actually they are
>> called corporations in EVE; it's a scifi world instead of fantasy):
>> http://www.eve-viv.net/
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