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Brent Allsop wrote:

 We are also frustrated at the terrible way progressive, should be leading
people, tend to always live by "my way or the highway" and their tendency to
always "run away screaming" from any kind of cooperative and social effort
to help push societies still primitive herd based morals forward.
Transhumanists, as proven by their repeated failures at any type of
organization and cooperation, or ability to work together, are an extreme
example of this.  We are tired of all this, and how such leaves the masses
to be controlled by the faithless fear and war mongering bastards at the top
that think they know what is better for people at the bottom than they do.
It's time for intelligent people to finally do the co-operative work
required to develop systems that can enable us to recognize there is
something way better than dieing and rotting everyone in the grave.

 I don't agree entirely with you Brent.  Transhumanist have worked very well
in "groups" but unfortunately some of the "groups" have used group-think to
position themselves against other H+ "groups".  So it is not that H+ers
cannot work together, it is that more attention is often placed on a group
as being better than another group.  Why is this?  The most often culprits
are religious, political or sex-oriented divisions.  Tiresome, yes.


Toward more co-operation ,






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