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ben wrote:
> On Fri, Jun 6, 2008 at 10:15 PM, Anne Corwin <sparkle_robot at yahoo.com>
> wrote:
>>> The "join our camp!" thing is the sort of mentality that generally 
>  > > causes me to run away screaming from groups of people
> Hey, me too!
> We should form a group!
> ben zaiboc
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I respect your diversity of belief like this, the more diversity the 
better, but I happen to feel differently.  I think canonizer.com has 
nothing to do with group think as so many seem to be assuming.


Group think is about one party or religion where if you disagree on any 
issue you are excommunicated or your 'vote is wasted'. We are about 
every individual indicating what they believe on each individual issue, 
resulting in everyone having a dynamic and unique 'signature' of 
everything they believe.


Group think is about bottlenecked top down hierarchies while we seek 
after bottom up networks.


Group think is about being in the traditional majority, we are about 
recognizing who are the leaders and finding quantitative rigorous ways 
to separate their signal from the group's noise.


Group think is about "our theory is the one true one" while we seek to 
track and quantitatively measure all theories and their histories.


Group think is "If you are not with us, you are against us" while we 
believe the more diversity the better.  We want to know what everyone 
thinks, believes, and wants.


Group think is about knowing what the guy at the top wants and seeking 
after only that, while we are seeking to know what everyone at the 
bottom wants and seeking after that.


Group think is all about powerful governments and the top controlling 
the masses with invasive laws and powerful militaries and police 
forces.  We are about quantitative and concise reputations and systems 
that allow the individual to utilize such to simply ignore any 
disreputable spam and scam.


We are also frustrated at the terrible way progressive, should be 
leading people, tend to always live by "my way or the highway" and their 
tendency to always "run away screaming" from any kind of cooperative and 
social effort to help push societies still primitive herd based morals 
forward.  Transhumanists, as proven by their repeated failures at any 
type of organization and cooperation, or ability to work together, are 
an extreme example of this.  We are tired of all this, and how such 
leaves the masses to be controlled by the faithless fear and war 
mongering bastards at the top that think they know what is better for 
people at the bottom than they do.  It's time for intelligent people to 
finally do the co-operative work required to develop systems that can 
enable us to recognize there is something way better than dieing and 
rotting everyone in the grave.

Brent Allsop

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