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Lee Corbin lcorbin at rawbw.com
Sun Jun 22 05:47:43 UTC 2008

Bryan writes

> Lee wrote:
>> Many highly significant projects that could influence or affect many
>> people require solid dedication to messy details and to some very
>> obnoxious subtasks. This is one reason that quite a few people
>> begin far, far more projects than they finish. We're all living
>> pretty well, and there is hardly a need to really do the dirty work.
>> It's a lot easier for me to complete infinitely boring details at
>> work, where my boss will be upset if I don't finish things right.
>> (Besides, I have very little choice if I want to continue getting
>> paychecks.)
> I don't know about this. I think many of us would be willing to take the 
> obnoxious subtasks if they were to come our way; I certainly would.

Yes, I think that you would, and that you can probably point to
a half-dozen examples in the last months where you spent
considerable time and effort on obnoxious and boring subtasks,
because it was the only way to proceed.

But I imagine that in general, it's also true that many people do
give up when confronting some nasty bit of work necessary to finish
something, (and for the reasons I stated).  I confess that I haven't
seen examples, or at least none comes to mind. But it's as if this is
common folklore, i.e., that people often just quit, especially when
they're fat and happy, when it stops being fun, or progress is very


> The difficulty is in figuring out what those subtasks actually are. 
> "The thing wrong with the world
> is that people don't have instructions." 
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