[ExI] Groups

MB mbb386 at main.nc.us
Sun Jun 22 11:41:44 UTC 2008

>> thing was that we *won*!  The fraternity and sorority folks were *outraged*!
>> :)))  I still remember the glee of that evening!
> So sororities and fraternities over there are organized and have an actual
> effect on the way social life is conducted? That's a new concept to me, when
> I studied I hardly notice them and they had little effect on the actual studies
> at all.

It was a small school, *long* ago. There were three fraternities and three
sororities. They paired up for dating and doing campus activities - with some reason
as each drew from a different group of students. There were two "upper crust" groups
(male and female), two "middle class working folks" groups (male and female) and two
"groups that would accept Jewish kids" (male and female)... and then the rest of

Yes, these were national sororities and fraternites. AFAIK they still exist, those
chapters on that campus. Bet their style and memberships have changed a lot though,
as the campus is now *hugely* bigger and times have changed! ;)

They had no effect on academics, but they ran the social scene generally, and those
of us too poor or geeky or shy, who were not joiners or selected, were quite
peripheral *socially* even though we were the majority of the student body.  Not
that we didn't have a social life, we did and it was full, but different.

I have no idea if other small schools were like this.


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