[ExI] putative quantum computing breakthrough

spike spike66 at att.net
Sat Jun 28 18:11:48 UTC 2008

> Jeff writes
> > The weirdness of quantum phenomena still puzzles and disorients me.
> > Occasionally though, within the shifting mists of Maya, I glimpse 
> > something that gives me hope of someday making sense of it all, 
> > whatever "it all" is.  Then, just as quickly, the something 
> disappears 
> > back into the mist, and I'm left as if standing alone at night on a 
> > country road, the stillness returning, the car that roared 
> by now just 
> > the glow of a couple of fire flies in formation chasing a fleeting 
> > phantom into the distant silence.> > Best, Jeff Davis
> You write that poem?  It's pretty good, at any rate... Lee.

Ja our own Jeff Davis has offered an occasional modest glimpse at his
literary prowess.  The quantum weirdness paragraph soars with eagles.  Jeff
we are lucky to have you among us bud.  Between you and Damien, the ExI list
could accept writing challenge the English majors club might want to name.


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