[ExI] Oil will never run out

spike spike66 at att.net
Sun Jun 29 05:23:27 UTC 2008


> ...On Behalf Of hkhenson
> The energy problem is dominated not be trade secrets, but by 
> hard chemical and physical laws.  Oil is energy dense... 
> 840,000 people in Ottawa you could get one fill up per person 
> about every 3 years... I hope these numbers gives you a feel for the scale
of the energy problem... Keith

Thanks for pointing this out Keith.  The next few years will surely give the
masses a hard education in physics and engineering.  We will come to
understand comments such as a politician's recent assertion that we could
have cars that get 100 mpg, had we invested sufficient billions of dollars
in research.  The fact remains that we don't need research, we can already
build cars that get 100 mpg.  But they don't look much like what we
currently think of as cars.  They would carry only one passenger, almost no
cargo, top speed of about 30 miles per hour and would take a good while to
get to that speed.  There is no magic needed.  Only plenty of patience.


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