[ExI] Oil will never run out

MB mbb386 at main.nc.us
Sun Jun 29 11:07:16 UTC 2008

> We will come to
> understand comments such as a politician's recent assertion that we could
> have cars that get 100 mpg, had we invested sufficient billions of dollars
> in research.  The fact remains that we don't need research, we can already
> build cars that get 100 mpg.


For sure true.  My 1989 Geo Metro (the 4 door mini-stationwagon one) easily got more
than 55 mpg on the highway when I went (alone) to visit my son in college in another
state. And 50 mpg around here in my daily driving.

My understanding is that since that time "they" have fussed around with what is in
the gasoline (for emission control, not efficiency) so now such mileage is not
possible for my little Geo, but it still is doing better than the Honda Hybrid I was
looking at the other day. The owner of the Honda was quite dissapointed to hear
that, you can be sure. ;)

I realize safety features are heavy and sacrifice efficiency, but my aim is to NOT
get into a wreck in the first place. Been there once, don't want to do it again.  A
little flimsy car is an eye opener folks, kinda like riding a bicycle on a busy
road. You get to pay attention to the driving, not talk on the phone!


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