[ExI] Oil will never run out

hkhenson hkhenson at rogers.com
Sun Jun 29 19:41:59 UTC 2008

At 10:23 PM 6/28/2008, spike wrote:


>Thanks for pointing this out Keith.  The next few years will surely give the
>masses a hard education in physics and engineering.

It is very likely the masses (and us too) will experience hard times 
over the next few decades.  It might get as bad as 100 million a year 
starving.  A few decades of that will reduce the size of the problem 
engineers need to solve.  :-(  On the other hand, it's partly the 
fault of the engineers and other science types that we have the huge 
and hard to sustain populations.

But the masses becoming educated in physics and engineering?  I am 
skeptical.  Even on this list there are probably more people into 
magical thinking than there are who can understand the scale of the 
energy problems or can evaluate proposed solutions for being 
physically and economically realizable.

Speaking of lists, any suggestions as to ones that deal with energy 
physics and engineering details?


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