[ExI] website ideas

spike spike66 at att.net
Sun Mar 30 22:22:19 UTC 2008


I had two ideas for the web slinger's among us.  If you get rich from either
idea, do raise a glass of expensive wine in my honor.

Idea 1.  I have posted way too much stuff on ExI-chat about the dying bees
last year, and their conspicuous absence this year.  I just came in from the
back yard: exactly one bee, where usually there are at least scores, if not
a hundred or more.  I might set up a website for bugwatchers: estimate and
log the number of various insects, along with any other relevant
information, such as time of year, place, temperature, etc, including each
year's fruit harvest for those who have fruit trees.

Idea 2.  I talked to my brother in law today.  He took his wife and
daughters to a restaurant Friday.  The next day he and both daughters were
barfing sick.  Wife was fine.  Mighta been the restaurant?  We should have a
website where anyone who gets sick could report the details.  Perhaps there
is a disgruntled imployee horking goobers in the stew?  Or a gruntled but
sick employee unwittingly spreading something, or an ingredient that is a
year beyond it's shelf life, or perhaps it is just a coincidence not related
to the restaurant.  Patterns might show up early.  Any barf cluster could
alert the health department and the management.  Investigations might be
made in time to spare untold suffering, ja?

Is there already something like this somewhere?


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