[ExI] Nuclear-powered passenger aircraft 'to transport millions' says expert - EndOfGlobalWarming

Dagon Gmail dagonweb at gmail.com
Thu Nov 6 21:50:11 UTC 2008

Whining idiots struggling to keep their revenue streams intact. Nuclear
jets won't happen, unless cheney clones himself and becomes god-emperor of
If these idiots want to move forward, away from the black heroin, they
do whatever it takes and increase terrestrial energy flows - there's only
one way
and that road lies up in spacebased energy. But the corporate shortterm
whores need
to start investing in longterm projects to do that and with the current
paradigm, just wont happen. the Corporate system cant invest in anything
with a
pay off 25 years from now.

If we don't move forward these losers should stop whining and invest in
luxury zeppelins with PVs.
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