[ExI] "thoughts to live by" regarding youth subculture

John Grigg possiblepaths2050 at gmail.com
Tue Nov 11 05:53:28 UTC 2008

Gina Miller wrote:
But I don't think we need to, and no matter how some one cuts their hair,
what they are wearing or what music they listen to, that is all very
external. What matters is behavior and trust me, all types of people have
both good and bad behavior. >>>

Amen to that!  But this is so often forgotten...

you continue:
All that aside, there is enough real material out there that we can examine,
human rights, pollution, hunger, poverty, and all of our wonderful extropian
dreams for the future. How can we help people, how can we help the world.
And let's not forget, the world is full of people who look so beautifully
different from one another.

Yes, every time I peruse issues of National Geographic, visit my local
international airport or major university (or just walk down the street) I
am especially reminded of the truth of your final sentence about the beauty
of differences.

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