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Yea, wouldn't you like to have a concise and quantitative sumary of what 
all finally resulting positions of all participants, in all 
conversations on all the best topics were for the last 15+ years.  Good 
luck with mining for that information even if you do get good access to 
all the archives.

All I can say to this Shirky article us duu.  As he said, many people 
have understood these issues for decades.

And the fact that he is so anti scale, as in:

 > You have to find some way to protect your own users from scale.

is just BS, if you ask me.  He's only saying this because he hasn't YET 
seen a system that allows every member of huge groups (millions+) to 
effectively communicate to each individual.  This is the problem that is 
still killing the entire internet, and indeed all of society.  And his 
faithless views of inability to have powerful reputations, based on such 
effective means of communications from huge groups to individuals is 
another still primitive failing of his thinking.

The exponentially growing community of researchers working on the study 
of the mind is the quintessential problematic community.  Everyone, 
despite their increasing intelligence, very childishly, never making 
progress on issues that have been arround forever, loudly in ever more 
complex ways, repeating yes it is, no it isn't, yes it is assertions 
forever.  Chalmers bibliography has surpassed the 18000+ publications on 
consciousness and the growth of all this piled higher and deeper crap is 
accelerating.  No one is reading much of any of it, and everyong is 
pilling it on higher and deeper.  And now that everyone can create a 
blog, and the poor attempt at consciousness communities, only makes 
things infinitely worse and more repetitive and childish.

http://canonizer.com, in addition to naturally addressing all these 
issues Shirky mentions, easily scales to any size.  Finally allowing 
huge groups to communicate to each individual in custom selected 
prioritized ways the reader selects.

In a year or so, we are going to finally know concisely and 
quantitatively what the most well accepted theories of consciousness are 
both according to the general population, and also according to a 
quantitatively measured group of 'Mind Experts' (and many other 
canonizable ways).  See http://canonizer.com/topic.asp/81, and 
http://canonizer.com/topic.asp/23 to see the seeds of this accelerating 
process.)  And it is my bet that finally knowing this kind of stuff will 
rock the world.

But of course, non of you believe any of this yet do you?

What is it that you believe?
Everyone wants to know.

Brent Allsop

John Grigg wrote:
> Spike wrote:
> >Certainly in the
> >old days (mid 90s) we took on a lot more heavy topics.
> Ahhh...., the whispered about age when giants bestrode the Extropian 
> list, that was a vast five years or so before I joined in '99.   
> Spike, do you know of people who have archived the list from those 
> days and could share some of the more impressive threads?
> What were some of the heavy topics that your remember?  And what were 
> some of the conclusions reached (if any)?
> John  : )
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