[ExI] A paper that actually does solve the problem of consciousness

Brent Allsop brent.allsop at comcast.net
Sun Nov 16 02:18:28 UTC 2008

gts, there are many ways we will know with surety.

First, whatever it is we discover that has this red phenomenal property, 
the theory predicts, will reliably always produce the same sensation no 
matter what mind it is in, no matter where in the visual field it is, no 
matter when...

This will get us close enough to be sure for all practical purposes, but 
there still could be some possible doubt in there some where.  But 
eventually, our mind merging technology will become so complete and 
expansive that our spirits will be able share phenomenal mind spaces 
(spirit worlds, if you will).  Multiple spirits (as defined in the 
representational camp) will be able to experience the same sensations in 
the same unified spiritual phenomenal space - just as the corpus colusum 
now unifies the two separate spirit worlds (one representing the left 
field of vision, the other the right) in one brain. You know with 
absolute surety that red in the left hemisphere is the same as the red 
in the right.

This is all described much more completely in a fictional short story.  
It basically describes from a first person perspective what this theory 
predicts uploading, and escaping from the mortal spiritual walls that 
are our skull, could possibly be like.  There is a reference to how to 
get to this free short story at the end of the representational camp here:


I'd love to here what all of you think about it.  Is that what you think 
uploading could be like?  Or do you think it will be different?  If so, 
how and why?  What would you want it to be like given what various 
theories predict could be possible?...  And if you think this would 
absolutely completely remove all normal fears anyone could have about 
being 'uploaded', we'd love to have you in this camp here:



Brent Allsop

Brent Allsop wrote:
> gts:
> The representationalist knows any representation is possible in the 
> world of the mind.  But of course, evolution is motivated to be as 
> accurate as possible.  This is obviosly why the deception - that our 
> knowledge is reality itself - is so compelling.  But obviously, as in 
> cases such as this resulting sine wave, an any other inaccurate 
> 'seeming', it has a few quirks in the phenomenal representations it 
> produces from it's detected inputs.
> Brent
> gts wrote:
>> The question about music goes to the question of 'real' quaila vs 
>> 'hallucinatory' quaila, a fundamental problem in the debate about 
>> qualia.
>> If we expose both ears to fixed frequencies, but one to a frequency a 
>> half-note or so over the other, the brain will somehow hear a sine 
>> wave. Where does that sine wave come from?
>> I suspect the answer to this question has something to do with music 
>> appreciation.
>> -gts
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