[ExI] Personal Pronouns

ben benboc at lineone.net
Sun Nov 16 15:41:46 UTC 2008

"spike" <spike66 at att.net> said:

 > When I say she or her I mean he or she and him or her.
 > I feel this was a mistake the inventors of the English language
 > made up front, and we have carried it.  Now is the time to correct
 > that.  Since I didn't know, I used the ambiguous gender her.


I don't see how feminine pronouns can be called ambiguous. Damien wasn't 
the only one to think that you thought Munroe was a woman.

Here's an interesting site on gender-neutral pronouns: 

Personally, I mostly use "they", "them", etc., for this. It works fine, 
everybody knows what I mean, no-one thinks I'm mistaken about someone's 
gender, and it doesn't sound silly.  But it doesn't always work well in 
a sentence, so you have to use it judiciously.

I don't know what the best answer is, but I don't think calling 
everybody 'her' is it.

Ben Zaiboc

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