[ExI] Personal Pronouns

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Sun Nov 16 20:42:21 UTC 2008

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> Subject: [ExI] Personal Pronouns
> "spike" <spike66 at att.net> said:
>  > ...Since I didn't know, I used the 
> ambiguous gender her.
> I don't know what the best answer is, but I don't think 
> calling everybody 'her' is it... Ben Zaiboc

Perhaps.  The recent election in Taxifornia made me realize that one cannot
tell the gender of a person with perfect certainty even from a photograph or
their birth certificate.  The voters' decision on our prop 8 made me realize
that adding an amendment to the state constitution defining marriage between
a man and a woman necessitates defining the terms "man" and "woman."

Please extropians, how does one define the terms man and woman?

Your definition must be completely universal and perfectly unambiguous.
Never mind for the moment that this definition, including all medical terms
used, must be included in its entirety in the state constitution.  

This question is so simple it is damn near impossible.


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