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I fondly remember first discovering the royalty of Celtic music, the
Corrs.  I even liked them before it was fashionable to do so in the
United States! lol  Their angst ridden songs of falling out of love or
never loving the one who loved them really connected with me.  But in
their later albums they got all "happy and upbeat."  Oh, well.

Still, what voices, what talent, what beauty.




A comedy parody that involved cloning...


And for Spike's little son!  : )



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>> Sarah Brightman and Karen Carpenter.
>> [me:]
>> Although Ms. Brightman is getting kinda puffy, she's
>> adorable, and I think sings even more angelically than
>> Westinra. Wait--less
>> *angelically* and more... humanly.
>> Damien Broderick
> Agrees enthusiastically.  Carpenter owned the 70s, Brightman the 80s and
> 90s, Westenra the now.  Goddesses all.
> spike
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