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WARNING! Serious yootoobage, this post could derail you for the rest of the day

Sarah Brightman, I'd never really listened to her before. Just checked
out her Ave Maria (Schuberts) vid on Youtube, wow! Nice visuals! Now
if only someone would dub in someone who can actually sing Ave Maria
Here's Sarah,
and here's the real thing (singer is Barbara Bonney):

Haley Westenra, I saw her in a concert thing with Teddy Tahu Rhodes
recently. Now *he* can sing. But all quite schmalzy.
Check out this clip from it:

Teddy is holding his voice way way back. They blend very well really,
but you can hear her pop sensibility vs classical production for his
voice. Note for her the breathy, forward in the face sound, and also
the way, for a (mezzo?) soprano, that she doesn't float on the high
notes (contrast to the ave maria I posted above). Same applies to
Sarah Brightman btw.

Also, I just had a listen to Celtic Woman singing an enya cover. No.
Spice girls meets The Corrs?

Seriously, be dazzled by the packaging if you like, it's good, but
great singing this is not. Sarah Brightman and Haley Westenra (and
Charlotte Church, etc), are popera, for the masses. The real stuff is
just as accessible, I don't really understand what the appeal of these
people is.

Just to put my own taste on the line, here are some links to some of
my favourite singers:

Bryn Terfel, singing Die Frist ist um from Wagner's The Flying Dutchman

Or anything by Pavarotti
How about Nessun Dorma? A cliche now, and yet how can it not move you to tears?
His last performance.
and 26 years earlier
(for comedy value, Sarah Brightman:
does my bum look big in this?)

Sarah Vaughan
Lullaby of Birdland
(not great quality sound, have to work to hear the vocal quality)

Lambert, Hendricks and Ross!

And the best of all, Johnny Hartman (with John Coltrane):
Lush Life:
My one and only love:

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>> [me:]
>> Although Ms. Brightman is getting kinda puffy, she's
>> adorable, and I think sings even more angelically than
>> Westinra. Wait--less
>> *angelically* and more... humanly.
>> Damien Broderick
> Agrees enthusiastically.  Carpenter owned the 70s, Brightman the 80s and
> 90s, Westenra the now.  Goddesses all.
> spike
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