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Sun Nov 23 05:54:28 UTC 2008

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> Meh. ...My expectations were not met.
> Ben Zaiboc
> (What?!  Hey, if everyone liked the same stuff, it would be a 
> boring world)

True.  I looked up the Suicide Girls, and they all looked a bit harsh to me.
Zeppelin is cool tho.  {8-]

Ben, I have a notion that might make you feel good to be alive in the 21
century.  I flew down to southern Taxifornia this morning to pick up a truck
my wife bought on the internet, almost exactly ten years newer than our
previous truck, which I also bought the Saturday before Thanksgiving in
1998.  The new ride has satellite radio, so I was listening to forgotten 45s
from the 70s.  Most of them should have stayed forgotten, but something
really struck me.  

I recall hearing these songs when they were new, back in my misspent youth,
but my only radio at that time was a third hand AM deck in my rattly old
truck connected to a single speaker I scrounged from a discarded clock
radio.  The journey from the musician to the vinyl to the radio station to
my improvised AM receiver to my ear was a very rough road for the last three
feet.  The actual audio quality was about comparable to music playing in the
background when your friend calls you on your cell phone from her cell
phone.  So I was only getting a very rough approximation of the music, but I
didn't really realize it until today, when I heard the same music again for
the first time since then, this time reproduced on an excellent sound system
in a much quieter truck.  I can understand the words!  Not that they
actually make sense, but now I can understand what they are singing about.  

I marvelled at how much better is the new truck compared to one that is only
ten years old, but the kicker is this: I paid fewer dollars for this one
today than I paid a decade ago, even ignoring inflation, yet this one is
functionally so far superior, direct comparison is nearly meaningless.

Things are still getting better.  Waaaay better.  Life is goood.



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