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Sun Oct 5 21:17:47 UTC 2008


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> On Sun, Oct 5, 2008 at 7:16 PM, Natasha Vita-More 
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> > Why is "bounces" in the email address?
> >
> 'bounces' is only in the Return-Path address for extropy-chat 
> list, not in the From or To addresses.
> If you send a message to extropy-chat, then every list member 
> receives the message.
> So you don't want error messages or undeliverable responses 
> to be returned to that address, because then everyone on the 
> list would be sent the error messages.
> So the Return-Path address is changed by adding -bounces to 
> the address, so that the extropy-chat server receives the 
> error messages and stores them, but doesn't forward them to 
> the list members.
> BillK

Ja, what he said.

Thanks BillK.  Damn, I wish I had taken some time to learn internet
protocols in the early 90s instead of taking engineering graduate school.
{8-[  That would likely have been a far more valuable skillset.  I recall
from those days going to breakfast and seeing a queue with hundreds of geeks
lined up outside the computer bookstore waiting for it to open.  I had to
ask why, and the geeks told me of this new computer thing called the web
that was starting up and would be the next big thing.  They were right.



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