[ExI] year million again

spike spike66 at att.net
Mon Oct 13 04:55:21 UTC 2008


I went out Tuesday on a trip to the east coast.  I had two bad newses for
our own Damien Broderick and several ExI-chat regulars and former regulars.
The first was that Damien's book Year Million was missing from the front
endcap at the San Francisco main terminal bookstore, which is perhaps the
most coveted real estate in all of booksellerdom.  The second bad news is
the book that was in its place: a hastily compiled biography of Sarah Palin.

But all bad things must come to an end too: as I came thru there this
evening, Year Million is back on the front endcap, so perhaps they just ran
out when I came thru Tuesday, which is also a good thing, so long as they
restock.  The Sarah Palin book is still there, so Damien and his friends are
sharing top billing, but still this may be the most mainstream exposure of
the proletariat to extropian notions.


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