[ExI] sex team

spike spike66 at att.net
Thu Oct 16 14:11:27 UTC 2008

I was in Florida last weekend for my 30th high school reunion (oy vey).
Went to the football game, where they introduced the candidates for
homecoming queen, told a little about each girl, which sports and where they
were going to college and so forth.  The last item was their favorite
leisure activity.  One of the girls had put "texting."  Being the old geezer
that I am, I forgot that texting is sending email using a phone, which never
did make sense to me anyways.  If you have a phone and your friend has a
phone, why wouldn't you just call?  

In any case, it sounded to me on that stadium speaker as if it was "sex
team," and I though oh my, I was born 30 years too early.  It existed back
in those days, but we didn't have a team for it.  It would be really cool
tho.  Would the cheerleaders be criticized for being overly footballually
suggestive?  How would you keep sc...  uh, disregard previous.  Actually
several of the terms might be borrowed and given entirely new meanings, such
as pass, squeeze play, holding, etc.  The huddles might be a lotta fun.


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